Dutch agricultural consortium Grupo AgriMex-Holanda has been formalized with the signing of a three-year covenant between the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands Enterprise Agency and eleven Dutch companies. With its main objective to actively participate in delivering sustainable production and animal health to the Mexican market, Grupo Agrimex-Holanda will invest around EUR1 million (US$1.35 million) collectively. The consortium will initially have a special focus on the Mexican poultry sector.

Member companies of Grupo AgriMex-Holanda are dedicated to different animal production sectors, from breeding technologies, feed, housing and transportation to manure management, water and waste management. The companies involved in the AgriMex-Holanda consortium are: PTC+; Schothorst Feed Research, Ottevanger Milling Engineers BV, Walinga Inc., Dutrion North America Ltd., Dorset Green Machines, Twinpack BV, Vencomatic Group, Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies, Excentials/Orffa and Marel Stork Poultry Processing.


With a large domestic market and rapidly growing exports, Mexico can offer plenty of  diverse opportunities for animal production companies from the Netherlands, particularly in the production of poultry, eggs and pigs. Grupo AgriMex-Holanda formalizes a sustained and collaborative effort to bring the Dutch expertise and technology to the fore in Mexican animal production and especially in the poultry production sector.