Recent Congressional testimony by the Environmental Protection Agency has generated a violent reaction by politicians promoting corn-derived ethanol. 

Based on previously enacted Federal mandates, the EPA has presented new data to show the environmental impact of ethanol derived from corn on global warming. This is necessary in terms of establishing the volume of ethanol to be produced in terms of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007

Reinforcing the scientific arguments raised by opponents of corn-derived ethanol, the EPA has categorically stated that this biofuel is inferior to gasoline with regard to greenhouse gas emission. The new study incorporates inputs including fuel used to produce ethanol in addition to indirect effects associated with land-clearing for additional crop production. 


The EPA analysis considers that conversion of forest and native grasslands to crop production will create a "carbon debt" which must be offset against biofuels imported into the U.S. Fuel that does not meet the EISA standard will not be eligible for tax credits that currently support the ethanol industry.

The EPA ruling was reviewed prior to release by Secretary of Agriculture Tom VilsackSecretary of Energy Steven Chu and apparently has their support.

For further information, review the entire report.