Lithuania has had its first case of African swine fever (ASF), with animals at one of the country’s largest swine farms testing positive. A total of 19,411 animals were susceptible, according to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

The affected farm is owned by the company Idavand, according to the Baltic Times. It is located in Utena County, in Eastern Lithuania, the country’s most sparsely populated county.

After an increase in mortality in domestic pigs was reported, samples taken from the farm were investigated at the National Food and Veterinary Rick Assessment Institute, the OIE reported. The samples sent there tested positive for ASF. Samples will be sent for confirmation to the Community Reference Laboratory.


A three-kilometer protection zone and a 10-kilomiter surveillance zone were set up around the affected farm. Other control measures used included stamping out, control of wildlife reservoirs and disinfection of the affected premises.

The Lithuanian ASF case marks one of many that have been plaguing the swine industry in the Baltic region.  Bordering countries Russia Poland, Belarus and Latvia have all reported cases, with Latvia reporting its first case in late June.

OIE stated it will provide weekly follow-up reports on the Lithuanian ASF situation.