McDonald’s has increased its poultry meat purchases from McKey Food Services after another meat supplier, Husi Food Co., became involved in a scandal after it allegedly repackaged expired poultry and beef and sold it with false expiration dates to a number of restaurants with a presence in China. McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and Dicos were identified as the restaurant chains that purchased meat from Husi, not knowing the meat was expired.

McKey Food Services, is a unit of Keystone Foods, a subsidiary of Marfrig Global Foods.

According to a Forbes report, McDonald’s is cutting its ties with Husi Food Co., which is owned by Illinois-based OSI Group. McDonald’s had not only purchased poultry for its Chinese restaurants, but also for its locations in Japan.


McKey Food Services and Fujian Sunner Development, a meat supplier controlled by the family of Chinese entrepreneur Fu Guangming, have been identified as the companies McDonald’s are relying on for a continued supply of meat and poultry.

OSI Group has since apologized for the expired meat scandal and has closed the plant in question. It has also launched its own investigation of the incident, restructured its Chinese operations and assigned different managers to oversee OSI’s Chinese operations.