JBS United, Inc. and DeKalb Feeds have partnered at their Central Nutrition Service (CNS) facility in Kalona, Iowa, to offer customers the choice of swine nutritional products with or without porcine ingredients.

Manufacturing porcine-free products at the Kalona, Iowa, facility began July 15. Independent of the partnership, JBS United also produces non-porcine products at its Waseca, Minnesota, facility.

“We are guided by our customers and their success,” said Doug Webel, Ph.D., chief operating officer of JBS United’s Animal Nutrition and Health Division. “Some of our customers and the swine veterinarians that advise them asked for non-porcine product lines and we began making the change.”


The move comes as swine producers and veterinarians react to the spread of the PED virus by evaluating feeding strategies. JBS United and DeKalb Feeds will leave the decision in the customers’ hands.

“Customer service has always been our main priority,” said Kelly Keaschall, president of DeKalb Feeds. “Both companies have worked hard to make this happen at Kalona. It is not a simple task and it will take the cooperation of our customers and both companies, now and in the future, to provide a porcine-free option.”

“The choice is yours on how to feed your animals – we will offer both options to support either feeding strategy,” said Dave Crosby, national swine sales manager, JBS United Animal Nutrition.