To ensure the safety of poultry products for domestic and foreign consumers, the Chilean Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) and the Association of Poultry Producers of Chile (APA) have published the “Photographic Atlas.” The Atlas is an objective tool that can be used to support the health inspection carried out by SAG in poultry slaughterhouses and establishments that follow standards issued by the Chilean Ministry of Health.

According to national director of SAG, Angel Sartori, this new publication "is the result of close work that holds the SAG and APA, in order to ensure high standards of product safety for consumers of birds both in Chile and in the abroad. The SAG has all the technical expertise to develop a document with these characteristics that meet the current requirements of the food industry."


Meanwhile, APA president, Juan Miguel Ovalle, said: "Undoubtedly, this Atlas is an important contribution to the inspection process, allowing us to see the process, avoid unnecessary seizures, adding technical and scientific information to the inspection SAG performs today. It also allows to provide a tool for training new professionals entering the process at a time to correct deficiencies and shortcomings of the system."