At the opening of the French livestock trade show SPACE 2014, France’s Agriculture Minister Stéphane Le Foll expressed his confidence in the country’s livestock sector saying that his presence at the event demonstrated his faith in France’s animal production.

Referring to the Ukraine crisis, he stated that it is a problem that affects not only French agrifood industries but those across Europe, and that action needs to be coordinated across sectors and throughout the European Union.

He also touched on the need for the government to support poultry exports from efficient companies, and referred to the work that his government was doing to open new export markets for French meat and livestock products around the globe.

Marcel Deniuer, SPACE president, welcomed Le Foll and called on him to help livestock producers by cutting the costs they face and addressing the sector’s difficulties. He continued that livestock production should not be the casualty of geopolitical issues.


Across the country’s various livestock sectors, the goal of “Eating French” should be adhered to. This is particularly the case where poultry production is concerned, Deniuer continued.

Forty percent of poultry products in France are now imported, and in the catering sector this number rises to 87 percent. This meat is mainly coming from France’s European neighbors, who have “gradually nibbled at, and then invaded, our market.” 

“We have to reverse this trend,” Deniuer said, “reconquer the French market and defend our opportunities in the world market, which continues to grow." 

Despite strike action by airline Air France, the four-day event is hosting 1,410 exhibitors from 36 countries and is expected to attract more than 100,000 trade visitors.