WATT Global Media continues to expand its listing of the world’s top poultry producers with information on more than 1,000 companies worldwide in its exclusive Top Companies database. We define poultry producers as companies producing chicken, turkey, geese, ducks, table eggs, egg products and hatching eggs and day-old chicks.

The updated Top Companies listings can be found in the October 2014 issue of Poultry International.

We began this project six years ago and have been steadily adding companies to our database. We’ve increased its size from 950 companies to more than 1,000 companies in the past year, with continued emphasis on India, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and the developing countries of Africa. We are continually adding more companies and refining the data on companies within the database. If your company is missing or you wish to add or correct the data we are showing, simply contact us at topco@wattnet.net.

We conduct the survey by collecting data from every available resource, combing our circulation lists and sending direct inquiries to readers of the magazine. We also use other research tools — advice from suppliers, association and governmental statistics, annual and business reports, websites and more — to piece together a profile of each company in the database.

We classify companies as producers of chicken, turkeys, geese, ducks, table eggs, hatching eggs and egg products. We collect relevant data depending on the company’s production. Integrated poultry producers are listed with head slaughtered annually, or weekly in high-volume countries. We measure egg producers by the number of laying hens. We list numbers of employees, revenue and facilities, when available.


Presenting the data

Every year we refine the data. In much of the world the poultry industry is the production of day-old chicks or pullets to be sold to farmers and then sold on the live market. We list many of these breeders, and as we gain further data we’ll add lists of the top breeders to our information.

We’ve also made lists of top companies in various regions and nations, and even a list of the Top 50 poultry producers worldwide which can be downloaded from WATTAgNet's Market Data section.

Each listing in the October 2014 issue contains the name of the company, its headquarters location and a brief summary of the company. There is a link within each company’s listing that will take you directly to the company’s listing on www.WATTAgNet.com. There you will find a more complete summary and additional data, such as production and sales volumes, specific types of production and other facts in the interactive online database. You will be asked to register to view this data. Registration is free, and it only takes a minute.

This database is compiled by the entire group of WATT poultry publications — Poultry International, WATT PoultryUSA, Industria Avícola, and Egg Industry