The U.K.’s 2 Sisters Food Group has launched what it describes as a “ground-breaking partnering project” with 2degrees, the global collaboration platform for sustainable business, to gather views on its sustainability plan.

The company’s Feeding Our Future plan is a business-wide initiative, which brings together internal operational plans with the external influences on its global supply chain. The business is now seeking views from all stakeholders – customers, other companies, governments, non-governmental organizations and trade bodies – to ensure its planning takes full account of its sustainability agenda.

Andrew Edlin, group environment and sustainability director, commented: “One of the things we know about sustainability is that we can’t internalize it and tackle it alone.


“For example, we are one of the biggest customers of the U.K. farming industry. We source our ingredients from over 50 countries as well as supplying around 50 percent of U.K. poultry and 10 percent of the U.K.’s beef and lamb.

“Our sustainability vision nationally and internationally has never been more important for us. Our reach across the global supply chain is widespread, which we hope we have reflected in our targets.

“We’re keen to gather as much feedback on our draft plan as possible. Although we have done that in a number of areas already, we need to work in collaboration with stakeholders to secure and improve a future for global food supply chains.”