One of the leading poultry businesses in the Middle East, Arasco Foods, has signed an agreement with MTech Systems to purchase computer software for its integrated activities. The agreement provides a full suite of modules covering parent stock breeder production through to hatchery, broiler growing, processing and logistics operations.

“We shall be providing a complete vertical software solution for Arasco Foods in Saudi Arabla,” said Jim Johnston, director of MTech Systems Europe. “Arasco will be implementing our full suite of modules right through to transport of finished goods to market.  Interfacing with the group’s existing SAP ERP system, our software will provide key performance information, costings, volume forecasting and production planning.’

John Ross, president of Arasco Foods, said the new solutions and software would automate all their data and procedures in just one system, helping to enhance their competitiveness and future development.

“Our aim is to upgrade the data and be able to access it easily and timely which will be reflected in the financial control and monitoring, in planning quality and in helping us to make the right decision at the right time,” he stated.


Ross added: “The MTech software will give us the visibility we require in performance reporting, costings and forward planning that will assist us greatly in driving efficiencies to improve our overall business performance.”