Poultry producer Mountaire Farms on September 29 acquired the operating assets of Star Milling Company in Statesville, North Carolina.

“Mountaire is a producer of high-quality chicken products with market distribution channels in retail, wholesale, food service, and export. Star Milling is ideally located in the heart of our North Carolina Breeder Production area,” said Paul Downes, Mountaire CEO and president. “Mountaire has a deep rooted commitment to quality service and value, and we look forward to growing our business in North Carolina and strengthening the ties we have with the local communities where we operate.”

Bill Massey, Mountaire’s vice president of live operations, added: “Mountaire Farms and Star Milling have a long tradition of working together to produce the best quality poultry diets for our breeder chickens.  We are very pleased to continue Star Milling’s long tradition of high quality feed production.” 


Mountaire is a major purchaser of commodity grains including corn, soybeans, wheat, and barley that the company uses in its feed mills. Mark Mulholland, Mountaire’s vice president of agri-business, said: “We are very pleased to enter this agreement with Star Milling. The new Statesville feed mill will continue to provide local breeder growers with exceptional customer service and extremely high quality feed.  Mountaire Farms has a tradition of working closely with our local farming community to source the best quality ingredients for our feed mill needs.”

The new business will be known as Mountaire Farms Inc. Statesville Breeder Feedmill.