Avangardco Investments Public Limited, the largest producer of shell eggs and egg products in Ukraine and No. 1 producer in Eurasia, has announced that its Imperovo Foods egg processing plant has received approval to export egg products to the European Union (EU), effective immediately.

The Imperovo Foods egg processing plant is one of the most technologically advanced facilities for production of dry egg products in Europe. Currently, it produces more than 12 types of dry egg products, including egg albumen powder high whip, egg albumen powder high gel, whole egg powder and egg yolk powder which are used in the food processing industry.


Iryna Marchenko, chief executive officer of Avangardco IPL, commented: “The EU license to export egg products provides Avangardco IPL with the opportunity to enter new European export markets in line with our strategy to expand sales into global markets. We expect that the first shipment of dry egg products will be made this October.”

Avangardco, a vertically integrated company with facilities located in 14 regions of Ukraine and Crimea. In addition to its Imperovo Foods facility, Avangardco has 19 farms for laying hens, three second-order breeder farms, ten farms for rearing young laying hens, six feed mills and three long-term storage facilities.