A neutral and internationally staffed commission of experts, including farmers, that was appointed by DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society) has awarded Gold Medals for six innovations and Silver Medals for a further 15 innovations in agribusiness on the basis of strict criteria. The awards will be presented during EuroTier 2014.


Gold Medals for innovations

  • “PEF-System” Big Dutchman Pig Equipment GmbH, Vechta, Germany, Hall 11, Stand C23
    The innovative PEF-System is a system for cell breakdown of the whole maize plant for feeding pigs. The pig as a monogastric animal cannot make use of a series of possible components in the feed, as it does not possess the corresponding enzymes.. The electrical barrage opens up the cells and the cell juice emerges. This makes the complete cell digestible for the pigs. 
  • “Porky's Pick Up” Meier-Brakenberg GmbH & Co. KG, Extertal, Germany, Hall 9, Stand G16
    Porky´s Pick up is the first self-propelled cadaver collecting vehicle for finishing pigs and sows. The sometimes heavy animal cadavers can be picked up and carried away without any manual intervention by the user. 
  • “Cows and more, what cows tell us. A system for rating, assessing and advising”
    Landwirtschaftskammer Nordrhein-Westfalen, Bad Sassendorf, Germany, Hall 26, Stand C08
    “Cows and more” is a user-friendly, software-supported and systematic weak point analysis for dairy cattle keeping. It is possible to document behavior features in the barn and carry out rating and evaluation regarding animal cleanliness, disorders arising from faulty management or faulty equipment, and integument damage digitally using tablet PCs.
  • “RotoPuls milking machine pulsator” BITEC Engineering, Romanshorn, Switzerland, Hall 27, Stand F52
    The novel, patented milking machine pulsator RotoPuls combines milking in line with animal welfare with ergonomic working conditions. This ensures high milk quality. The course of the pulse curve can be programmed and the noise emissions are distinctly reduced
  • “Swiftflo Goat Rotary” Dairymaster, Causeway, Co. Kerry, Ireland, Hall 27, Stand B32 
    The innovative rotary milking parlor for dairy goats in relatively large herds unites performance-matched and ergonomic milking. The construction design as an outdoor rotary milking parlor considerably facilitates access for the animals and operation by the milkers. The innovative accommodation of the milking units in the carousel base allows exact positioning and time saving, as well as ergonomic working conditions.
  • “HyCare” Schippers GmbH, Kerken-Nieukerk, Germany, Hall 9, Stand H25
     With HyCare, Schippers GmbH presents a new and innovative pig housing concept for the farrowing sector and piglet rearing in transportable pens. In the pens, consisting of a plastic tub, the liquid manure generated is caught and the respective base systems are placed in the tray. Schippers offers a piggery concept that is innovative in many aspects, which substantially improves piggery hygiene for keeping animals healthy compared with current customary methods and facilitates and optimizes work procedures.

Silver Medals for innovations

  • “GELAMIN FaserGold” GELAMIN - Gesellschaft für Tierernährung mbH, Wildeshausen, Germany, Hall 9, Stand H15 
    FaserGold is a novel fiber source for piglets, sows and finishing pigs with nutritional and dietetic benefits. FaserGold can thus help to maintain normal digestive operations in energy-rations and improve dung consistency.
  • Shaft washer “Flexi” Meier-Brakenberg Gmbh & Co. KG, Extertal, Germany, Hall 9, Stand G16
    The shaft washer “Flexi” is the first to allow efficient, intensive and user-kindly high-pressure cleaning of waste air shafts in animal housing facilities from the ground. The innovative shaft washer can be operated using any high-pressure cleaner. Alongside the low investment costs, the “Flexi” shaft washer wins over users with its productivity and labor protection, as well as by the optimized energy consumption of cleaned waste air units.
  • “FixClip valve – The hygienic drinker valve with practical clip closure”
    Albert Kerbl GmbH, Buchbach, Germany, Hall 13, Stand E48
    The problem with calf feeding buckets is generally that the drinker valves are firmly connected to the bucket and are often very difficult to remove again. This allows fast and simple routine cleaning of the feeding bucket.
  • “GEA Conductive Cooling” GEA Farm Technologies GmbH, Bönen, Germany, Hall 27, Stand D29
    This is a cooling system for resting areas in the dairy cattle barn. The cooling system is installed in a multiple-layer structure in deep litter boxes with sand or compost litter.
  • “Management and feeding systems for suckling calves with integrated collection of animal welfare indicators” URBAN GmbH & Co. KG, Hude, OT Wüsting, Germany, Hall 27,
    Stand A14
    The newly presented feeding system from Urban for bucket-reared calves connects the suckling calves with the management program already from day one. Animal-related data such as e.g. visiting behaviour at the station, feed demand behavior (drinking speed, interruptions) and re-grouping are recorded automatically and documented from the very beginning. 
  • “Level-regulated agitator” Big Dutchman Pig Equipment GmbH, Vechta, Germany, Hall 11,
    Stand C23
    The level-regulated agitator from Big Dutchman is an essential further development of existing agitators in feed mixing containers in which the stirring blades have so far been mounted firmly on the drive shaft. The advantages of this new agitator consequently lie above all in very homogenous feed mixing and in a distinct increase in container hygiene.
  • “ConditWatch” Institut für Agrar- und Stadtökologische Projekte (IASP), Berlin, Germany, Hall 12, Stand E16, and Convia GmbH, Berlin, Germany, Hall 12, Stand E16, and AGRAR Handelspartner Woldegk GmbH, Woldegk, Germany, Hall 12, Stand E16
    “ConditWatch,” the novel condition monitoring for finishing pigs, makes it possible to determine the fat-muscle ratio on the basis of the bioelectrical impedance analysis known from human medicine. The calculated values form the basis for optimized sales management in pig finishing operations.
  • “ForceControll” Witte Lastrup GmbH, Lastrup, Germany, Hall 11, Stand E56
    The drive wheel “ForceControll” has rotating cams instead of the customary rigid cams. Lower maintenance and repair outlay for the feeding transport system underline the high practical relevance of this award-winning innovation.
  • “ARV climate computer” Möller GmbH, Diepholz, Germany, Hall 11, Stand B18 and
    Universität Bonn, Institut für Landtechnik, Bonn, Germany, Hall 26, Stand D16
    The “ARV climate computer” aims to prevent heat and cold stress for finishing pigs and ensure thermal well-being for the animals. In this process the animals are offered water at different temperatures via three drinkers.
  • “DairyNet by GEA in 365FarmNet” 365FarmNet Group GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin, Germany, Hall 26, Stand E30 and GEA Farm Technologies GmbH, Bönen, Germany, Hall 27, Stand D29
    Complex operating processes from crop production and dairy cattle husbandry are documented, analyzed and steered in a clearly understandable uniform software by the process and data networking of Dairy Net by GEA in 365 FarmNet. This single system saves the farmers working time in documentation and analysis of their overall farm operations, and also requires less support from the software providers.
  • “Control-VAC signal element” and “AktivPuls with SSC technology” AktivPuls GmbH, Friesenried, Germany, Hall 27, Stand F40
    This award is for the essential further development of the AktivPuls teat liners with the integrated slanting closure and head nozzle to provide complete vacuum relief in the massage phase. AktivPuls with SSC technology unites a large number of advantages for controlled milk withdrawal in line with animal welfare and gentle treatment of the udder, and it promises a long service life for universal applications.
  • “InService Remote” DeLaval International AB, Tumba, Sweden, Hall 27, Stand H39
    The Remote Monitoring System from DeLaval is characterized by the fact that alongside setting and adjustment data, the online service can also call up current measuring data directly from the milking installations. 
  • “Pellon Manure Master” Pellon Group Oy, Ylihärmä, Finland, Hall 25, Stand D16
    Pellon offers a sliding manure removal concept that for the first time displays sensitivity zones for various animal housing areas. This slide system can effectively prevent injuries for humans and animals.
  • “Hydraulically retractable Rops-Fops roof (driver protection roof)”  THALER GmbH & Co. KG, Polling, Germany, Hall 26, Stand H22
  • “epsPlus (Easy Protection System Plus)” Weidemann GmbH, Diemelsee-Flechtdorf, Germany, Hall 26, Stand E13a
     The roof that can be lowered hydraulically represents a distinct improvement in user protection at work. The lowering option means that the protection device does not have to be completely and permanently removed, as so often happens in practice, in order to allow the vehicle to move through low passageways. The design promotes return to the original position after the hindrance has been passed.