Poultry producers in Senegal are to benefit from technology transfer after an agreement between the Senegalese Poultry Association (L’IPAS) and ADEPTA, and umbrella organization supported by the French Ministry of Agriculture and that supports French livestock companies in forging links overseas.

The agreement, signed during French livestock trade show SPACE, will see expertise from within ADEPTA transferred to Senegalese farmers to help them raise poultry in a “safe, healthy and correctly fed manner.” 

There will be support for training, and additionally, help will be given to L’IPAS to establish an international poultry event.

The agreement was signed on behalf of ADEPTA by livestock president Alain Reocreux and L’IPAS’ Babacar Ngom.


Ngom commented: “Senegal has a population of 15 million with a rising standard of living plus some tourism, so the demand for poultry products is rising.

“There are more broilers than laying birds with 60 percent of production coming from commercial enterprises and 40 percent from backyard undertakings. Seventy percent of corn is imported, with non-GMO varieties being preferred, mainly from the USA.

“Freshness is still valued highly, hence the high percentage of families still keeping poultry in the time-honored way, in their backyards. Islam is the predominant religion, and hence 85 percent of birds are slaughtered traditionally.”