With a value of US$718.8 million, Brazilian poultry meat exports were 24.3 percent higher in September 2014 than in the same month in 2013. By volume, exports increased by 19.1 to stand at 359,000 tons.

Over the year to date, shipments by Brazilian poultry meat producers have reached 2.965 million tons - 3.5 percent more than over the first nine months of 2013. By value, there has been a slight contraction of 1.8 percent.

“The poorer income performance between January and September, however, is not negative for the sector,” argues Francisco Turra, executive president of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA). “If we consider that, between January and August, there was a contraction was 4.6 percent, we can see that that there was a recovery in income from shipments in September, reflecting the industry’s strong performance.”


According to Turra, the higher value of September’s shipments was due to Russia’s export authorizations that occurred in August.

“September’s figures are due to the increase in exports to Russia. We’ve gone from 8,000 tons in August to close 20,000 tons in September,” he continued.

He also noted that there has been strong demand from Egypt. Shipments to that country rose from 4,000 tons in August to 13,000 tons in September.