Delmarva Poultry Industry (DPI) has embarked upon a new project to capture the history of the local chicken industry, where a 60-minute television documentary about the early years of Delmarva’s chicken industry will be produced. DPI working with the non-profit Berkana, Center for Media and Education Inc., and 302 Stories Inc., a Delaware-based documentary production company on the project.

“Cluck, Pluck and Luck: The Early History of Delmarva's Poultry Industry” is building upon research these organizations have been conducting on the history of the chicken industry.  Funded in part by the Delaware Humanities Forum, this material will be stored at the Delaware Public Archives and other sites.  This documentary complements DPI’s 1998 history book.

As an expansion of the research work that has been underway for months, Berkana and 302 Stories Inc. are working to produce a full length documentary for presentation at local theatres, on television (both locally and nationally), and through libraries, schools, meetings, and individually-distributed DVDs.


To make this happen by early 2015, DPI has pledged financial support to match money available through the Delaware Humanities Forum. DPI will match up to $7,500 of the total gifts received, so donations will double in value to make this documentary a reality.

Contributions for the video can be made through the DPI website.