Japan’s broiler production could reach 1.35 million metric tons in 2015. The industry is forecast to end this year with production of 1.34 MMT, up from the 1.33 MMT recorded in 2013.  

The sector has faced several difficulties in recent years, ranging from man-made and natural disasters to 2013’s particularly hot summer. However, the poultry industry now appears to be solidly back on track.


According to the USDA, the Japanese market for broiler meat has recorded solid demand and relatively high prices this year, although total consumption has fallen slightly, and this is expected to continue into 2015.  The strong market has also resulted in an upturn in imports this year, following a contraction in 2013, and this is expected to continue.

Imports of broiler meat from the U.S. and particularly from Thailand have risen, while those from Brazil have remained flat. Japan lifted its ban on Thai imports – imposed in response to highly pathogenic avian influenza – in December 2013, and Thai imports restarted in February this year. Thai broiler meat had been absent from the Japanese market for 10 years.