EMPAS, Gambia’s leading poultry processing company, has created Farato Hatchery Farms to initiate an integrated poultry value chain that aims to re-construct a poultry industry with sustainable socio-economic benefits. The Farato Hatchery is the country’s first state-of-the-art facility, producing 100,000 day old chicks per month.

Rapid growth is anticipated, as the new operation returns full control over product quality and overcomes the cost challenges of transportation and losses in transit experienced by local farmers who previously could only source chicks from Senegal.

Farato Farms currently employ 100 women and youths in its operations to produce fresh, healthy Halal chicken, with this number expected to more than double very quickly.


The company’s product is marketed throughout the Gambia as Moggie Chicken and recognized as a trustworthy, high quality product, against the backdrop of the government’s “back to the land” call in support of agribusiness development to deliver greater independence, employment and improved living standards.

Farato Hatchery Farms will use Pas Reform’s Smart incubation technologies.

Pas Reform CEO Bart Aangenedent commented: “Pas Reform is very proud of its involvement in this initiative – we look forward to working with EMPAS to ensure the success and duplication of the Farato Hatchery model to support regeneration throughout the Gambia.”