The United Kingdom (UK) pig and poultry industries are examining establishing the Monogastric Centre of Excellence.

Companies involved in the UK pig sector and UK poultry sector will meet in mid-November to discuss the idea and to hear from academics on new areas of research and investment in facilities that could boost the two animal agriculture industries’ global position. The upcoming meeting will be open to all people who wish to attend.

The key for the UK pig and poultry chain, the center’s proponents argue, will be how the new structure can improve the quick take up of research ideas and how they can be broadly put into practice.


An expression of interest has already been drawn up, and it is hoped that the proposal will receive government funding amounting to GBP90 million (US$145 million).

Steering group chairman Steward Houston has noted that the relatively new group was moving quickly.

He added: “It is important, however, to ensure that the Monogastric Centre of Excellence is inclusive and genuinely represents the interests and ambitions of the pig and poultry sectors and of all of those organizations and institutions that can contribute, in the broadest sense, to the development and success of the center.”