The United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is conducting a survey of the meat slaughter and processing industry to add to FSIS’ understanding of the practices and technologies used to control pathogens and promote food safety. Additionally, FSIS will compare the results to a similar survey the agency conducted in 2004 in order to assess food safety and technology adoption trends over time. 


The survey, contracted with Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International, will be sent to all eligible beef and pork slaughter establishments across the United States, starting mid-November through the beginning of February 2015. As it has done with other surveys that it has conducted for federal agencies, RTI International will report individual responses to this survey to FSIS, but it will use data masking techniques so that individual establishments cannot be identified.

The results of the survey will be reported to the public only in summary form, so that individual responses or respondents cannot be identified. The meat processing facilities that respond to the survey will receive a summary report of the survey results.

For more information about the survey conducted for FSIS, interested people can contact Gary Noyes at +1.301.504.3672 or at