Madrone Coast Farm is the first farm in California to achieve dual certification from both Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Wildlife Friendly for its laying hens, laying ducks, goats and sheep.

Earning the Animal Welfare Approved certification

Alison Charter-Smith and Tony Jaehnichen of Madrone Coast Farm recognize the growing consumer interest in how animals are raised. Acknowledged by Consumer Reports as the only "highly meaningful" food label for farm animal welfare, outdoor access and sustainability, AWA certification lets consumers know the animals at Madrone Coast Farm are raised in accordance with the highest animal welfare standards in the U.S. and Canada, using sustainable agriculture methods on an independent family farm.

Farm achieves Certified Wildlife Friendly accreditation

As well as gaining AWA certification, Madrone Coast Farm has also achieved Certified Wildlife Friendly accreditation. The Certified Wildlife Friendly program is designed to assess and reward farmers and ranchers across the U.S. and Canada who coexist with native predator and wildlife species.


Charter-Smith and Jaehnichen participated in a third-party audit -- undertaken by an AWA auditor during the same farm audit -- to demonstrate compliance with CWF's exacting standards. Madrone Coast Farm can now market products using both the AWA logo and the CWF logo.

Charter-Smith and Jaehnichen established Madrone Coast Farm in 2010 on 97 acres in the mountain town of Felton, California, with the goal of contributing to their community by producing great food.

Madrone Coast Farm sells organic produce, herbs, fruits, wool and wool products, and pasture-raised duck and chicken eggs year-round at local farmers' markets. It also sells Olde English Registered Babydoll Southdown breeding sheep.