The value of Brazil’s poultry exports rose by 9.1 percent in October to stand at US$743.2 million. By volume, exports were 1.9 percent higher than in October 2013 and stood at 362,500 metric tons.

Over the first 10 months of the year, the volume of poultry meat exported by Brazil was 3.3 percent higher, while by value, exports were 0.7 percent lower.


Commenting on the sector’s performance so far this year, vice president of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) Ricardo Santin said: “There was a notable increase in shipments to markets that import products with greater added value. Additionally, the sector’s exports by volume in October were exceptional, bolstered by the expansion of shipments to Russia and other major markets.”

Russia has authorized a number of Brazilian poultry processing plants for export this year, having previously questioned the health status of a many Brazilian producers and restricting the country’s poultry meat exports significantly.