U.K. industry body The British Poultry Council (BPC) is calling on the country’s government to widen the range of feeds available to poultry farmers.

Andrew Large, BPC chief executive, said: “We urge the government to act to broaden the range of animal feeds that are available. In particular, we seek action to remove the legislative barriers to the use of insect-based meat poultry feeds; and we seek support for the re-introduction of processed animal proteins in poultry feeds, subject to strict controls.”


His comments were made in response to the publication of government data on the production and prices of animal feed. Between January 2006 and June 2014, average compound feed prices for livestock in the U.K., excluding Northern Ireland, rose by 85.5 percent for cattle feed, 75.7 percent for pig feed, 101.4 percent for poultry feed, and 92.7 percent for sheep feed.

The statistics included data on animal feed produced for retail sale and poultry feed produced for integrated poultry units.