Figures released by Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture show that the country exported agricultural products worth US$7.95 billion in October.

The meat sector was the strongest performer during the month with overseas sales worth US$1.75 billion, an increase of 8.4 percent in comparison with October 2013.

Poultry meat generated the most revenue, with exports in comparison to October 2013 rising by 9 percent to stand at US$742 million. The second most exported meat was beef, with sales of US$685 million, followed by pork, worth US$198 million.


The second most important agricultural export sector in October was sugar/alcohol, with a value of US$1.13 billion, while the main export markets for Brazilian agricultural produce were Asia, with sales reaching US$2.42 billion, followed by Europe, worth US$1.99 billion.

Year to date export figures, however, show the meat sector being pushed into second place by exports of soya.