Egg Farmers of Canada has entered a new partnership with the University of Waterloo, establishing Bruce Muirhead as the industry’s first ever research chair in public policy.

Professor Muirhead is associate vice president, external research, and professor in the department of history at the university. His recent work has focused on the evolution of Canadian agricultural policy and on supply management in particular. He will be developing a research program in public policy that relates to the current and future challenges faced by Canadian egg farmers, providing historical context to the growing conversation about the value of supply management for all Canadians.


Tim Lambert, chief executive of officer of Egg Farmers of Canada said: “We are delighted to be working with Professor Muirhead. With the creation of this chair, we hope to continually evaluate the caliber of dialogue on supply management and ensure that any future policy decisions that could affect supply managed commodities are as informed as possible.”

Vice-president of university research D. George Dixon said that the chair would stimulate high-quality research and international dialogue that would, in turn, generate new knowledge to sever the needs of the egg farming industry in Canada.