A new multidisciplinary network of veterinary vaccinology experts has been established in the U.K. to help fight against animal diseases.

The U.K. Veterinary Vaccinology Network draws together major U.K. research players to enhance the uptake of new technologies to design, develop and deliver safe and effective next generation vaccines against new and re-emerging diseases.

The network includes experts from a number of universities and bodies throughout the U.K. and has funding for five years.


Building on advances in biotechnology, and the biological revolution in new technologies – such as next generation DNA sequencing and synthetic biology – there are opportunities for researchers to create new vaccines and increase efficient development pathways for them, the group believes.

While vaccination campaigns have had success, for example in the eradication of rinderpest and in reducing the use of antibiotics, new and exotic disease, such as avian influenza, and re-emerging diseases have highlighted the need to re-think the current methods for developing vaccines, says network member The Roslin Institute.

The network aims to assist in vaccine development through holding regular scientific focused workshops, hosting annual meetings to discuss vaccinology research, creating a directory of network members and their research interests, and by raising awareness of veterinary vaccinology via public engagement activities as well as professional development.