The British Poultry Council (BPC) launched its ‘Manifesto for the British Poultry Industry,’ calling on the government to help ensure long-term success for the British poultry meat industry and help deliver its 2020 vision.

The policy manifesto was launched at the Annual Poultry Awards in the House of Commons on December 3. It sets out the industry’s high ambitions for 2020, centering on its ability to produce consistently safe, nutritious, affordable and sustainable food for British families and foreign market.

BPC called on the government’s help to:

  • Create the conditions needed to realize growth and export potential.
  • Ensure rearing poultry remains affordable to British farmers by securing long-term feed supplies.
  • Promote the dietary benefits and affordability of British poultry meats.

At the launch, BPC Chief Executive Andrew Large said: “We are delighted to launch our Manifesto for the British Poultry Meat Industry today. It is an exciting time for the sector with continued UK growth and increasing consumption, as well as significant potential export opportunities.

“But we need the government’s help to ensure that we can realize this potential, whilst at the same time continue to produce consistently safe, nutritious, affordable and sustainable food for British families at home and abroad.


“This manifesto clearly sets out our aims for the industry over the next five years, and the steps government can take to help ensure our vision is turned into reality. We will speak to all of the main parties ahead of the general election and hope that our policies will be adopted in their respective manifestos.”

Poultry is Britain’s favorite meat and accounts for almost half (46 percent) of all meat eaten in the U.K., nearly the same volume as beef, pork and lamb combined. The industry makes a GBP3.3 billion (US$5.17) gross value add contribution to U.K. GDP, supports GBP1 billion (US$1.57 billion) in total tax payable to the Exchequer and supports 73,200 U.K. jobs.

BPC has high ambitions for the sector going forward, and the document sets out their vision for 2020, including:

  • Growing the value of UK poultry meat year on year – including exports.
  • Growing employment in the sector, contributing to rebalancing U.K. jobs and growth.
  • UK wide recognition poultry is a lean and nutritious meat that should be part of a healthy U.K. diet.
  • British poultry remains affordable for British families and Britain’s favorite meat, with poultry accounting for over half of all meat eaten in the U.K.
  • A continued decline in levels of Campylobacter.