Avian influenza has resurfaced in Vietnam, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) reported December 12.

Three locations within the southern part of Vietnam have been tied to the latest avian influenza outbreak, with the first suspected case being reported on November 29. Tests conducted at a national laboratory were found to be positive for an H5 form of avian influenza, but the exact serotype has not yet been determined.

A total of 1,207 birds were susceptible in the outbreaks between the three sites, with 760 deaths. The remaining 447 birds will be culled.

The affected properties are being disinfected.


The avian influenza outbreaks mark the first for Vietnam since August, when two farms were affected. Between the two farms an estimated 900 birds died from the virus, while an additional 2,100 susceptible birds were culled. The OIE in October determined the situation to be resolved.

The latest Vietnamese avian influenza outbreaks come at a time when the poultry industry has been on high alert for avian influenza. Outbreaks of the virus have recently been reported in The Netherlands, U.K., Germany, Japan, India and Canada.

OIE stated that it would submit weekly updates on the avian influenza situation in Vietnam.