Agrifirm Plant and ForFarmers have entered into an agreement that will combine the companies‘ purchase and knowlege of artificial fertilizers, corp protection products and sowing seeds. The companies say the agreement will provide them with better opportunities in a supplier’s market that involves very large international players.

The agreement, which was signed on December 17, pertains to the purchase of fertilizers, effective July 1, 2015, and sowing seeds (grass, corn, cereals and green manure crops) and crop protection products effective January 1, 2016.


For ForFarmers, this move fits into its strategy of selecting a number of strategic partners for its total feed business concept. For Agrifirm, it is a key component in its strategy of growing its core activities. The purchase and delivery of products to the plant sector is one of the four strategic pillars, aside from animal feeds, co-products and specialties.

The partnership is exclusively limited to purchasing and the exchange of knowledge. Agrifirm and ForFarmers will continue to completely independently operate and compete in the market. This will not change in relation to the current situation. ForFarmers, as well as Agrifirm, will continue to carry individual products.