Groupe Grimaud, the main shareholder of layer breeding company Novogen, and AgruniekRijnvallei, main shareholder of Verbeek Hatchery, one of Europe’s leading commercial layer hatcheries, are strengthening their positions through a joint cooperation agreement in the European layer market.

On December 24, Groupe Grimaud has taken an important interest in Verbeek and have become shareholder in Verbeek together with AgruniekRijnvallei. This alliance strengthens the existing close business relationship between Novogen and Verbeek by positioning Verbeek as the spearhead of Novogen products in Europe, alongside the other European distributors such as Tom Barron in the U.K., NovoPonte in France and those coming soon in other countries.


Frédéric Grimaud, president of Groupe Grimaud, stated: “I am extremely pleased and proud of this agreement. Since Verbeek started the distribution of Novogen products we shared the same point of view. We have been working closely together in full confidence and this agreement is a perfect proof of that. It is also a good example of a transnational European project between a private and a cooperative operator. No doubt that this alliance will boost both companies businesses.”

Martin Grift, general manager of AgruniekRijnvallei, said: “The current market conditions require cooperation. We are very happy with this strategic development in the layer market. Through closer cooperation and short lines between breeding and market enables us to meet the requirements of the sector much better. The way of working of Groupe Grimaud fits the core values of AgruniekRijnvallei. The current market approach of Verbeek remains unchanged.”