In response to the recent positive detection of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in a backyard poultry flock in Oregon, a number of countries have issued trade restrictions on poultry from Oregon.

According to information provided by the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC), trade restrictions have been put in place by Korea, European Union, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Barbados, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Belarus, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Korean ban

The Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) banned all imports of raw U.S. poultry, eggs, live chicks and hatching eggs, effective December 20. In a press release issued on December 21, MAFRA said that the ban applies to raw poultry slaughtered and eggs laid on or after November 25.

European Union ban

The EU has imposed transit restrictions on all U.S. poultry, effective December 19, presumably because of the detection of avian influenza in Oregon. This has major implications for transshipped product for Kazakhstan and other markets that must transit European ports.

South Africa

The South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) issued a letter to importers that it is also banning all imports of U.S. poultry and poultry products because of the Oregon HPAI detection. The DAFF ban applies to products shipped on or before December 24, with a production date cutoff of November 25.


Japan’s ban is limited to Oregon-originated poultry product slaughtered before November 24.


Taiwan has issued a ban that applies to product originating in Oregon and loaded on or after December 19.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has issued a ban that applies to product originating in Douglas County, Oregon, slaughtered on or after December 19.


Canada, which has also been dealing with cases of avian influenza, has issued a ban that is limited to poultry from Oregon.



The Thai government has notified USDA that it intends to ban all U.S. poultry products, most likely effective December 22. No U.S. chicken is shipped to Thailand, but the ban will affect some turkey exports. It’s unclear whether cooked products will be permitted.


Unofficially, Singapore has limited its restrictions to poultry from Oregon.

Other trade restrictions

Other countries issuing restrictions include Barbados, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Belarus and the UAE. Effective dates vary.