The State of Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has fined Ohio Fresh Eggs $13,250 for “numerous violations and poor operating conditions” at its Croton operation, one of several it operates in the state.

The violations include: connecting pound wells to potable water systems, which can result in cross contamination; not maintaining water softeners and chlorinators; failing to monitor for total coliform; failing to collect four repeat samples within 24 hours of being notified of a total coliform positive sample; failing to monitor for organic chemicals; failing to monitor for volatile organic chemicals; and failing to monitor for inorganic chemicals.


Ohio EPA says that by this May, Ohio Fresh Eggs must correct violations comply with drinking water monitoring and reporting requirements.

The company has had its operational licenses pulled by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, but has appealed the case before the state’s Environmental Review Appeals Commission. Being one of the nation’s largest egg producers, how the case is resolved could impact egg prices this year.