Selling pullet eggs is paying dividends for a U.K. egg company.

The Mac’s Farm, which produces 70,000 organic eggs each day, has launched Mac’s Mini Eggs, and interest from a celebrity chef has resulted in what the company describes as “mini egg madness”.

The third generation egg business switched to organic production in 1985. Earlier this year it started selling branded pullet eggs both directly from the farm but also to local businesses.

The farm owners say: “These beautiful little pullet eggs are the very first eggs that chickens start laying at about 18 weeks old. We believe they are eggs at their very best. They are only available for a few weeks, so get them while you can.”

Demand for the eggs has been expressed from across the length and breadth of the U.K. In addition to branding the eggs, the company’s owners decided to deliver some of the new range to the offices of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, who had featured their farm in a television program in 2013.

“Mini egg madness has hit, it’s quite amazing what an effect Jamie Oliver has on people, but it is great.”