In order to sharpen its focus on markets where it has a dominant leadership position, WATT, an international business-to-business marketing solutions company, has sold its print and digital products serving the Meat industry ( i.e., Meat Processing, Meat Processing Global, Meat, Meat News Daily E Newsletter, andMeat Safety Solutions E Newsletter) to Sosland Publishing.

This divestiture means that WATT will now concentrate its efforts on providing unique marketing solutions through content-rich multimedia products and consulting services for the agrifood (i.e., poultry, pig, and animal feed), petfood, and woodworking industries. WATT continues to be a leading source of knowledge and insight in these industries, and its increased focus on these markets will further the company’s ability to create new products and services that fulfill its clients’ specific marketing needs, as well as better serve its community of content users.

“We will focus on leveraging our knowledge, experience and insight in the markets where we have a strong leadership position. We will now be better able to consult with these industries, and continue to build new products and services to help provide marketing solutions to our clients around the world,” said Greg Watt, chief executive officer of WATT. “We will further develop a consultative relationship with our clients whenever possible. We want our clients to view us as an important marketing partner who is always on top of industry issues and trends.”


WATT also recently relocated its corporate headquarters from rural Mt. Morris to Rockford, Illinois, to gain better access to technology partners, and to enhance its ability to attract talent with the skills required to create and produce digital products.  The move gives WATT better access to technology partners and a broader, web-savvy talent pool, which is required to create and produce WATT’s digital media.

WATT will continue to have an operation in Des Plaines, Illinois, in order to access talent in the Chicago marketplace.

“We are excited to be in Rockford,” says Greg Watt. “The Interstate 90 corridor from Chicago to Madison with Rockford as the center point is a growing market that will be able to provide WATT with resources and partnerships from the Rockford/Milwaukee/Madison/Chicago metropolitan areas. The unique design and layout of our space will help us attract talent that thrives in an open, creative, innovative and collaborative environment.”

“It is the first time the company will be on one floor together which will also help ensure we work more efficiently and effectively,” said Watt.

Established in 1917, WATT is a media service company that provides marketing solutions to the agrifood, petfood, and woodworking industries, to buyers and sellers of goods and services within these industries, as well as others that need such vital information in order to conduct commerce successfully.  Industry data, research and information is shared through a variety of multimedia channels: business-to-business print publications and corresponding digital editions, e-newsletters, websites, webcasts, RSS feeds, blogs, streaming video, podcasts, digital white papers, custom publishing, research, in-person events, and consulting.