Andy Vance, agricultural communication and media specialist for Penton Farm Progress Livestock Group, spoke at the Market Intelligence Forum held during the 2015 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE). The Market Intelligence Forum was one of the educational programs at IPPE. Vance emphasized that the industry needs to have better communication with the public regarding how and why animals are bred and housed. He also noted the industry is operating in three worlds – the world outside our door that does not know the industry, the world inside our barn, and the world inside our boss’ office.

Dr. Paul Aho, economist for Poultry Perspectives, gave an overview on domestic and global drivers for 2015. Dr. Aho indicated that the rising value of the dollar and financial instability were indicators that influenced the tendency toward deflation. He also discussed that feed prices will likely remain low over the next three years, chicken prices will be lower than last year but still profitable, and turkey and eggs will also be profitable.


According to Mike Donohue, vice president for Agri Stats, the poultry industry will continue to be very efficient at producing chicken, turkey and eggs in 2015.