Indications show that phytate anti-nutrient effects are an issue in older pigs, according to Dr. Pete Wilcock, AB Vista’s Swine Global Technical Manager, referring to the expanding body of research showing a positive response to phytase superdosing in growers and finishers.


Grower trials have now shown that each additional 500 FTU/kg of Quantum Blue phytase added over and above the standard dose (500 FTU/kg) can improve average daily gain (ADG) by as much as 21g/day and feed conversion ratio (FCR) by more than two points, up to a maximum tested dose of 2000 FTU/kg.

“The main change has been the introduction of phytases developed specifically for superdosing, not just the release of phosphorus,” Dr. Wilcock said. “Designed to target greater than 85 percent phytate destruction when applied at three to four times the standard dose, these latest generation E. coli phytases offer a clear opportunity for pig producers to further extend the value obtained from phytase feed enzymes.”