Nor-Feed Sud, a French company that specializes in the production of plant-based natural additives for animal nutrition, created the Nor-Feed Award, endowed with EUR5,000 (US$5,668), and open to young scientists from around the world.

This prize is meant to recognize a recent veterinarian thesis (or a thesis of veterinary interest) addressing the functional properties of plants, plant extracts or products derived from plants, and their application in animal health and/or livestock production.


The Nor-Feed Award will be granted in September 2015 by a jury composed of a senior scientist from Nor-Feed and two independent academics.

"Although the use of plants in animal nutrition is very ancient, there is relatively little academic work on the matter,” said Pierre Chicoteau, DVM and Nor-Feed co-CEO. “We hope that this Award will contribute to highlighting the properties and benefits of plants, as well as opening up new research perspectives too.”