Bachoco, the largest poultry producer in Mexico, invested US$40 million for the growth and strengthening of its breeding farms in the Yucatan in order to increase, in the short term, the production of commercial eggs and chicken, according to the Yucatan newspaper Unión.

Rodolfo Ramos, CEO of Bachoco, said: "Investments seek to grow breeding farms and incubation units for both table egg production and broiler chicks, in order to strengthen exports to the U.S. and Central America."

With the acquisition of Industrias Campi in late 1999, Bachoco entered the Yucatan peninsula, formed by the states of Campeche, Quintana Roo and Yucatan itself. It has one of its 10 production centers, serving as its hub in Southeast Mexico and as a platform for exports to the U.S. and Central America. In 2005, Bachoco consolidated its position on the peninsula with the purchase of Grupo Sanjor. The poultry company has 88 farms in the Yucatan, which ranks as the third production center of the company, behind only the state of Guanajuato with 186 farms and Coahuila with 99 production units.


The Yucatan Business Unit has monthly sales of 9,000 metric tons of chicken and 700 metric tons of eggs. It has three hatcheries, distribution centers, one poultry processing plant, one packing plants, two feed mills and 455 mobile distribution units.