Brazil’s BRF has suspended poultry processing activities at its facilities in Francisco Beltrao and Dois Vizinhos, Parana, as result of industrial action in the freight sector, which has extended to 11 states in the country.

Truck drivers are striking due to the low prices paid for freight and the high cost of gasoline. For BRF, this means that live birds cannot reach its processing facilities.


However, the problems are not restricted to BRF’s chicken processing plants. The company has issued a statement saying that it is making every effort to continue the cycle of production, and that it will do all that it can to prevent the death of birds on-farm and in transit due to a lack of feed, to prevent the loss of its health certification and exports, and to ensure the supply of food to consumers.

The strike, which is affecting almost half the country’s states, is said to be causing losses for the poultry industry in general by reducing the number of birds slaughtered and putting exports at risk.