Missouri Sen. Mike Kehoe has asked his fellow state lawmakers to support a two-page resolution that condemns “in the strongest possible terms” California’s Proposition 2 and AB 1437 in an effort to make California’s state government know just how badly the egg laws have hurt the agriculture industry in Missouri.

While introducing his resolution, Kehoe told the Missouri Senate: “Many people know that they’ve had some crazy laws and edicts (in California) on their agriculture industry out there, that has affected many others — but now it has come far enough to where it is affecting the state of Missouri.”

Kehoe’s resolution, according to the News Tribune, includes the accusation that “together, California Proposition 2 and AB 1437 violate the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution by preventing free trade amongst the states.”

And, his resolution says, “Forcing Missouri farmers to utilize ‘enriched cages’ or non-confinement operations in order to do business in California will negatively impact the Missouri economy and food supply.”


The resolution follows a lawsuit filed in 2014 by Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster that challenges the California laws. The states of Iowa, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Alabama and Kentucky joined in the lawsuit.

Iowa’s legislature, also in 2014, passed a special resolution calling for the repeal of Proposition 2