Mountaire Farms is considering purchasing a parcel of land near Millsboro, Delaware, where it would like to build a new office building. Even though the poultry company says it does not intend to use the land for production or processing purposes, some neighbors are still apprehensive of the plans.

Mountaire Farms had demolished an office building in Selbyville, Delaware, around six months ago, and since that time employees have been working in small rental offices across the county. Mountaire has since filed applications to get conditional use for 58 acres of property for “office facilities to be used by an agricultural related industry,” reported WBOC. The proposed facility could house between 100 and 200 employees.

The property is farmland, which was deeded over to Grace United Methodist Church in 2008 after the death of its owner.

At a recent meeting, approximately 75 neighbors came out to voice their concern with the plan.

"It's been here for years," said Bill Lannon of Millsboro referring to the farmland. "If you take all the farm land away - what's going to happen?”

Lannon speculated that because of the size of the property, it’s very likely that the company would build a poultry plant.


Mike Tirrell, vice president of human resources and business services for Mountaire, said those concerns of a potential poultry plant are unfounded, and added that miscommunication was to blame for much of the opposition.

"The property is currently under review for suitability for this office project," said Tirrell. "There are no new production or manufacturing facilities included."

Another concerned neighbor, Richard Eaton, said his preference would be that the property remain farmland.

"I would prefer it to stay farmland," he said. "If you just look at the beauty, to see a great big administration complex on this back road. That I don't like."