Jilin Jinyi Egg Products Co. Ltd. has received its first shipment of chicks to its new egg production plant that will have a 5 million bird capacity. When fully operational, the new Jilin Jinyi egg production complex will be China’s largest.

The operation will have one chicken rearing facility and four egg laying facilities.

The first shipment of chicks, which arrived in March, included a mix of 1.15 million Jinghong and Jingfen egg layers.

Egg industry in China growing

The development of the Jilin Jinyi egg production plant is the latest in a series of new egg facilities being built in China as the country’s egg industry expands.


Over the past few years, China has seen an explosive growth of bird egg facilities with a capacity of more than 1 million birds. Among those new Chinese egg production facilities are CP Group’s 3 million bird facility in Beijing’s Pinggu district and the 4 million bird facility built by Beiliang Agriculture Co., which was funded by five companies from four countries.

Jilin Jinyi to process powdered eggs, liquid eggs

The difference between the new Jilin Jinyi project and other large-scale egg production projects in China is that Jilin Jinyi is Asia’s largest egg product processor, with an annual capacity of 9,000 tons of powdered eggs and 30,000 tons of liquid eggs, according to a report from Smart Agriculture Analytics.

Jilin Jinyi has intentions to work with other poultry companies with hopes of eventually becoming the world’s largest producer of egg products.