The National Poultry Training Centre is expected to open in Bishoftu, Ethiopia, in June 2015. Holland-Africa Poultry Partners (HAPP) announced that an opening celebration for the facility will take place on June 9.

The training center will include housing, feeding, solar energy and hatchery equipment, which has been sponsored by HAPP members.

During the week of the National Poultry Training Centre’s opening, a set of trainings will be offered to a select group, of which the detailed program will be shared soon. New equipment is being installed and HAPP representatives have been in Ethiopia to arrange a smooth execution of the opening and the trainings to be given.


HAPP had hoped for an earlier opening, but delays in the arrival of the sponsored equipment pushed the opening date back to June. HAPP hailed the arrival of the equipment, saying it marks the end of a long logistical process and will ensure the opening of the facility. Since the equipment was shipped from the Netherlands, it took several months to arrive at the training facility due to complications and problems with import regulations at the Djibouti harbor. Although the equipment arrived at the port just before Christmas, it was not cleared until recently.

The Ethiopian Institute for Agricultural Research (EIAR), the Ethiopian Poultry Producers Association (EPPA) and the Dutch and Ethiopian governments helped support the project.