With top-to-bottom access, a three-part observational documentary series has been made by the BBC that goes inside the fast food giant KFC UK.

Billion Dollar Chicken Shop looks at the company from its boardroom to its kitchens, and features the people responsible for the daily operations of one of the most globally recognized food brands in the world.

For the first time, cameras have been allowed inside one of the chicken farms that supply KFC with the 23 million chickens to serves to customers each year. The first episode showed inside the poultry farm, where birds are raised to 35 days, and included an interview with the owner who gave his thoughts on whether the birds had a good life. It then moved to the logistics center that handled the cut up parts.


Episode one also followed Brian, KFC’s own internal policeman, as he carried out spot-checks at KFC stores to scrutinize cleanliness and food standards. One store received such a bad score that it was forced into emergency measures to improve or face closure.

The episode also looked at a campaign in Manchester to stop the opening of a new KFC, with local residents arguing that KFC would “lower the tone” of the neighborhood.

Press response to the documentary has not been universally positive with the birds’ rearing conditions being described as “oppressive.”