Burger King is again bringing back its popular Chicken Fries, but this time, their return will be permanent. The quick service restaurant chain announced its decision on March 23.

Chicken Fries, a variation of chicken strips that are shaped like French fries, were first rolled out in 2005, and remained on the menu until 2012. That's the year Burger King made mass menu changes. The company had brought back the popular menu item in August 2014, for what the company described as a temporary offer.


However, Chicken Fries turned out to be so popular with Burger King customers, the company decided to put them back on the menu permanently.

“The conviction of Chicken Fries fans never ceases to amaze us," said Eric Hirschhorn, chief marketing officer North America, Burger King Corporation. “Chicken Fries have taken over their brains, not to mention, their appetites. So we’re happy to tell devoted fans, and newbies alike, that we’re giving them exactly what they asked for: Chicken Fries are back for good.”

Chicken Fries are now available at participating Burger King restaurants nationwide at the recommended price of $2.89 for nine pieces per order. Fans can also find them on the menu paired with fries and a drink as a combo meal.