Work began on March 17 on the construction of Riverstone Farms’ new 120,000 head hog farm in the Zhanhua district of China’s Shandong province. The project began when Riverstone Farms was registered as Shandong-based company in October 2013 as a joint holdings company of Black River Capital Partners Food Fund Holdings and Pipestone System, one of the largest pork producers in the United States. 

The total investment for the Riverstone Farms project is estimated to be around CNY500 million (US$81.4 million) and will extend across 5,000 mu (824 acres) of land, according to a report provided by Smart Agriculture Analytics. Four feedlots will be constructed as well as a digester to remediate dead livestock on about 400 mu. The remaining 4,600 mu of land will be used to grow corn, wheat, alfalfa, and grass. When complete, each feedlot will house around 9,600 pigs, and total annual output will be around 120,000 head, for an estimated CNY1 billion in revenue.


In 2014, Riverstone constructed a breeding base in nearby Wudi County in China, home to 6,000 breeding sows.