A storm that blew through Madison County, Arkansas, on March 25 caused about $600,000 worth of damage to a farm that was owned by Mike Ingram, a poultry grower for Tyson Foods.

Strong winds ripped the roof off a poultry building and damaged the roofs of several others in the county, according to a 4029TV report. Pieces of sheet metal were scattered across the farm.

Ingram said he had just arrived seconds before it happened.

“I came in from moving some cows around, stepped out of my truck and shut the door and my chicken house roofs were swirling around in the air,” he said.


Ingram said his wife and two sons were inside their house taking shelter. He said he ran in to be with them.

Ingram was not sure how many chickens were lost in the storm, but his focus will be to get the farm cleaned up and rebuilt. “Looks like pick up trash, start cleaning up, trying to get everything back to going and trying to make a living,” Ingram said.

Tyson Foods representatives were at the farm the day following the storm to view and assess the damage. The company said it is taking surviving chickens to another farm until Ingram’s farm is cleaned, but is not sure how long it will take.