More than 90% of the Bulgarian broiler breeder sector took part in a recent seminar organized by Cobb Germany's representative in Bulgaria — Agroconsult Engineering — at Calista hotel, in a forested region near Stara Zagora. The event was aimed at creating more personal contact among Cobb producers, distributors and clients.

The speakers from Cobb were James Truscott, director of Cobb Germany and Patrick van Trijp, technical consultant from Cobb Europe, joined by presentations from Roxell and Fancom, showing feeding systems, automatic nests and environmental/ventilation systems for broiler breeders and broilers.


The main presentation by Truscott explained the features of the Cobb 500 broiler and breeder in terms of both physical and economic performance. He also spoke of recent results, showing a drastic improvement in animal welfare issues, and innovations in the broiler and breeder industry that help farmers’ and companies’ profitability.