The Midwest Poultry Consortium, as part of its research and extension responsibilities under the Midwest Poultry and Research Program, has published two reports in The Feathered Pen.

The first, "Digestibility Threonine Requirements of Male Turkeys to Market Age," deals with researchers' and producers' efforts to come up with alternative feed additives that may boost animal and intestinal health in the absence of antibiotic growth promoters in livestock diets. The use of AGPs in livestock diets has become a growing concern as researchers fear it could possibly cause antibiotic resistance in human microbial pathogens.


The second report, "Ileal Digestibility of Amino Acids in Feeds for White Pekin Ducks," talks about feed costs of live production of ducks which can be further broken down into nutrient provision costs. Protein, energy and phosphorus, the report says, constitute the main costs.

Hence, making these nutrients available by ingredients will bring down their cost of inclusion into the diet.