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Broilers & Layers
on January 1, 2014

FAO: 4 countries control 50% of global chicken production

The latest Food and Agriculture Organization's statistics on world chicken meat production from 2009 show that in that year, 80.3 million tons of chicken meat were produced, 2.4% and 45.4% more than, respectively, 2008 and 1999.

According to the data, the production came from over 204 countries. However, 50.2% of that volume came from four countries only: USA, 20.3% of the total; China, 14.2%; Brazil, 12.4% and Mexico, 3.3%.

The top 20 in the year responded for 75% of the world production. Based on FAO’s data, it is possible to conclude that four countries responded for 50% of the world production, 16 countries for 25% while the remaining 184 countries for 25%.

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